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Shardul Pandey Talks To Fahad Mahmood

I welcome you Fahad at SANGKRIT.net, please tell our netizens about yourself, your story. Hi, I am Fahad Mahmood (A WordPress Mechanic) the developer of a few famous WordPress Plugins like Keep Backup Daily, Alphabetic Pagination, jQuery Post Splitter, RSS Feed Widget and a recently launched WordPress Plugin WP Header Images. My journey started from a HTML tag <marquee></marquee> which I learned very first even before <html> and <body>. It was really inspiring for me when text was moving from right to left. As notepad was available everywhere so i did a number of experiments in my college’s computer lab during my ICS session 2001. My interest became a passion when I learned about click event of a button in visual basic 6.0. It was purely a magic when I played with it and successfully changed document title, button text, label captions and text in textboxes.

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Easily Setup Code Igniter, PHP Development Framework At SANGKRIT.net

Code Igniter is a popular web application among PHP programmers and web developers. It is an Application Development Framework – a toolkit – for those who build PHP websites.

It allows you to develop projects must faster and easier than starting code from from scratch. It provides you rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, and easy interface with logical structure to access these libraries.

In simple words, Code Igniter enables you to creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task.  Continue reading Easily Setup Code Igniter, PHP Development Framework At SANGKRIT.net

Code Snippets: Adding PHP Functions & Filters Without Editing Theme Functions File In WordPress

For customizing the default behavior of WordPress, webmasters either use plugins or insert hacks i.e. PHP functions and filters inside activated theme’s function.php file.

This works but when you insert any code without creating a child theme, it gets is automatically washed away in new updates.

Earlier we have discussed about creating child themes, we have also discussed about generating child theme with a user friendly wizard and there is a plugin that allows you to generate child theme of any theme in a click of a button.

Yes, you can easily insert custom PHP function in the functions.php file of your child theme but today in this lesson you will learn about a more easy way of inserting and activating PHP hacks directly from your admin area dashboard.

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Best Programming Languages For Beginners To Start With

Every business and individual is coming online on world wide web. Hence, there will always be demand of talented programmers who can design good web apps and websites.  Continue reading Best Programming Languages For Beginners To Start With

Uploading Big Plugin Files From WordPress Admin Area

Default WordPress plugin uploader crashes whenever you try uploading plugin zip files of size exceeding maximum PHP memory. For instance, some default PHP installations have 2MB memory and when you try uploading plugin zip bigger than 2MB, the uploader crashes showing some PHP error.

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How To Find Database Size & PHP Memory Usage In WordPress?

Keeping track of PHP memory and database size is very useful when you are using a shared web hosting plan and you have got limited database size available.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Subin, A PHP Programmer & WordPress Developer

Shardul Pandey Talks To Subin, A PHP Programmer & WordPress DeveloperI welcome you Subin at SANGKRIT.net, please tell our netizens about yourself.

My name is Subin. I am a programmer, blogger and a web enthusiast. I blog about programming related subjects, code solutions and the latest tech news. PHP is my favourite language and is a big fan of jQuery JavaScript library. WordPress is my favourite CMS and MySQL is my favourite Database. I create projects, play with code and blog about the problems and solutions I faced in creating projects whether it’s a bug or something else.

At what age what actually brought you up to programming and consequently programming WordPress? Why do you enjoy it?

I started programming when I was 11 years old. I only got into WordPress in 2013 and I created and published my first plugin “Blogger 2 WordPress” in 2014. I enjoy programming, because it relaxes my mind. When I code, I enter into a new world. A world where I forget all my problems in life and focus on the task in hand. Coding makes errors and I try and try to find solutions to those errors. When I find the solution, it is stuck on my mind and I’ll never forget it. Programming is a lot like Maths. You won’t like it first, but when you get around it you will find it enjoyable.

Tell us about the plugins and apps you have created so far?

By far, I have created 2 WordPress Plugins – Blogger 2 WordPress & Code Blocks. Blogger 2 WordPress makes it easy to set redirections from old blogger posts to new WP posts (and pages) after you moved your blog to WP. I have created a lot of web apps. Some of them are online and some of them in localhost. My first online app was Subins which I made it online in 2012. It was just a test app of mine. Nothing serious. I didn’t know much about hacking & cracking when I created it. So, it was vulnerable to Cracking. Soon after 1 year, my friend (Facebook) cracked it. I deleted the data on Subins just a day after it was cracked. Now I’m working on my blog (subinsb.com) and an open source social network called Open (open.subinsb.com). I’m also working on a new project which I can’t say about it now.

Suppose if you were reviewing any new plugin then what are the most important things you look for that indicate a well-designed program?

The most important thing is that the plugin shouldn’t contain any errors. A simple semicolon (;) can make a big error in plugins. Syntax Errors is the main error, plugin developers must notice. Also, plugin developers must make sure the plugin work on almost every versions of the language and server. A well designed plugin will work flawlessly at great speed. If you are running the plugin even on low memory CPUs, it should work well. So there are 3 main factors (maybe more) in a well designed executed plugin :

  1. No Errors
  2. Compatibility
  3. Environment

Your website shows a project section with links to Open & Demos? Tell us about them?

Open is an Open Source Social Network. Anyone can edit the source code of the site. There are no ads, no tracking stuff and anything else on Open. It’s clean, simple and have the ability to post to Facebook & Twitter at one place. Demos is the sub site of my blog. This site contains the demos of the tutorials, code or projects seen on the blog.

You have no Advertisements on your blog? Do you have any plans to go pro in blogging and earn money?

When I started blogging, all I could think about was money ! I placed ads at first. But when I went through the blogging, programming and contributing to Open Source Softwares, I understood that Ads are a distraction to the users. Ads make the site slow too. No one likes ads. So Why put it in a info blog ? Information should be passed free of charge. So, I removed the ads and put on the “Donate” button (subinsb.com/donate). If people really like my content, they will donate. Also, the revenue from ads are low. Google Adsense rejected my application when I had 2 $. That made me angry and it’s also a reason why I’m not putting ads anymore.

How much time you spend working on your domain and writing programs? What philosophy drives you doing this?

When I return home from school and after I finish all the home works and stuff, I turn on the computer and start coding. I make up ideas of posts and projects on the free periods of my school and write it down. Then I do it when I reach home. On holidays, I use the computer from morning to noon (about 2 PM) and from evening (6.30 PM) to night (11.30 or more if I got an error). WP plugins help users to do big tasks with just a plugin. Open Source minded programmers always help people. I’m an open source minded person. WP philosophy “Code Is Poetry” and StackOverflow (http://goo.gl/kCKBGs) helped me into doing this.

How about your parents? Is either of them involved in programming fields?

My parents are normal Kerala persons. My dad is the “Assistant Secretary” of Ayiloor Panchayat, Palakkad, Kerala and my mom is an house wife. She worked as a computer teacher before teaching Windows 98 and stuff. I’m sure that the coding & computer stuff came from my mom. My dad always supported in coding and always made me walk through the right path. He scolds me when I say “I hacked someone / website”. Hacking is wrong and he made me understand about it.

What are you working on today? Any new plugin?

I’m now working on a project like WordPress, but not entirely like it. I can’t say more about it now. When I release my new project, I will certainly invite you. I created about 5-6 plugins. 2 of them WP and others jQuery & PHP. It’s hard to maintain all of them. I’m very very busy in maintaining blog, plugins and school stuff. I will improve my existing plugins and when I get a new idea, I will make another plugin.

Tell us something about your city and your favorite hangout spots there?

I’m from Kerala , a state in India. I’m living in Kunnamkulam, a town (muncipality). Nothing big here. I don’t go out much. But my favourite places are the paddy fields and the streets where I could walk or ride a bicycle peacefully.

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Never stop working hard. If you work hard, you will certainly accomplish your task. Never copy content from others. Always make your own stuff. Don’t hack / harass any person on the Internet. Always be a good netizen and speak up when you find something illegal or bad behaviour. Never fear. There are millions of nice people in this world who can help you. Don’t hesitate to ask for answers on disucssion forums and Q & A sites (stackexchange.com). Stay safe and simple.

Check CPU Performance Of PHP & MySQL Server Right From WordPress Admin Area

With PHP/MySQL CPU performance statistics WordPress plugin you can check your CPU performance of your PHP and MySQL database time to time right from your WordPress  admin area dashboard.

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Top 3 Online Code Learning Resources

Three online code learning resources where you can learn programing languages and know how to work with code.




Shardul Pandey Talks To Isabel Castillo, A PHP Programmer

Interview is ongoing live…

Shardul Pandey Talks is international program for promoting those individuals, who register their domain to create virtual wealth in webspace so if you too want to get interviewed, simply email to shardulpandey@sangkrit.org considering any conversation upon this as subject to publication here.

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Serendipity: A PHP & Smarty Based Content Management System For Bloggers

Serendipity is a PHP and Smart (PHP Template Engine) based contnet management system specially for webloggers. Using this application one can easily maintain an online diary, weblog or a complete homepage. Its default package is designed for casual bloggers, It offers you a flexible, expandable and user friendly framework with the power for professional applications.

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Different Ways Of Increasing PHP Memory Limit When Using WordPress

Increasing PHP limit is easy. The most popular method of increasing PHP limit is by editing the PHP.ini file which is present on your site’s root directory. But here are few more menthods you can use for increasing PHP memory limit in your WordPress site.

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