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How To Display Top Songs Everyday In WordPress?

Today a user at SANGKRIT.net asked us how he can display a list of top songs on his music weblog. There are various ways of displaying songs manually in WordPress and if you like doing this automatically then go for Top Songs, a widget plugin that automatically generates and display a list of top songs everyday in your WordPress site.

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How To Create An Online Music Store With WordPress & PayPal?

You can sell audio files like music, speeches, narratives, MP3 and more using your WordPress site and your PayPal account. Music Store is an awesome online store plugin which enables WordPress users for selling audio files: music, speeches, narratives, everything that is audio, you can receive secure payments with PayPal.

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Transform WordPress Into A Podcast Website

podPress enables a lot of features specially designed to transform WordPress the ideal platform for hosting a podcast.OR if ypu like doing things more professionally you can use our special service for easily creating and hosting a beautiful Podcast website which provides you blog and podcast in one, you can learn more about its options and features here.

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How To Make Music Right From Your Web Browser?

Audiotool.com is a powerful music production studio service that works right from your web browser and allows you to create music in the cloud. You can easily start creating your own melodies using new-tech and vintage inspired music devices that you are already familiar with and amazing Pulverisateur synthesizer or Rasselbock. It enables you to make your own sounds by wiring from over fourteen different effects altogether with one of our three drum machines or synthesizers.

Audiotool also features a professional sequencer for automating your songs and create complex arrangements. You can make tracks then share it with community or remix someone else’s work or simply download the song you have created. For any help you may checkout its tutorials here and wiki manual here.

Cloud Based MP3 Cutter, Jointer, Converter & Recorder

Here are some good web services from 123apps.io, the applications allows you to cut, join covert or record audio files. Using these apps you can cut out a piece of music for creating ringtones & alarmtones etc, you can merge multiple audio files into a single track, you can convert audio files online from one format into another or record a voice using a microphone.

Online Audio Cutter

Online Audio Cutter allows you to effortlessly cut out a desired musical fragment from an MP3 file or a file in other formats, in order, for example to set it up as a customized ringtone for your mobile phone. Our web application is free; it was designed for a single purpose, which makes it easy to use unlike complicated professional audio editors.

audio cutter

Features: Support of all major audio and video formats, Create your own iPhone ringtones, Cut sound from a video file, Fade-in and fade-out functions

Online Audio Joiner

Online Audio Joiner is designed to merge several songs (mp3, m4a, wav, etc) into a single track. The program is absolutely free and operates online; therefore you don’t need to install it on your computer. Just open the browser and start merging.

audio jointer

Features: Seamless Merging, Cross-fade, Support of Most Audio and Video Formats, User-Friendly Interface, Interval Adjustment, Merge Unlimited Number of Songs.

Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter allows converting audio into a wide range of major formats such as mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, m4r, flac. Because the audio files are converted online, you don’t have to install the software on your computer. Just open the browser and start converting.

audio converter

Features: Support of All Major Formats, Multiple Files Support, Extracting Sound from a Video, Advanced Conversion Settings, Tag Support.

Online Voice Recorder

audio recorder

Online Voice Recorder is a free simple application which records sound from microphone. After recording you can trim the sound and save it to your computer.