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Free Download Manager Apps For Your Android Device

Download managers are the applications used for downloading and managing files more easily for example it can resume broked downloads which is not common with default browser download managers. Here are some free download manager apps for Android machines available in Google Play Store.

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Inexpensive And Surprisingly High Quality Hardware Fine Working With Android Jelly Bean Will Make Largest Possible Market For Nexus 7 In India

Inexpensive and Surprisingly high-quality hardware fine working with Android Jelly Bean will make largest possible market for Nexus 7 in India. If Google integrates Universal Free Education System (that primarily works in India’s Language) in Nexus 7 in its release in India then I am sure it would be attracting 1.21 billion people of India because they would be learning the most advanced technology in their language and that would be changing the geopolitical structure of Internet and Google too because only 121 million Indians are active on Internet from 1.21 billion overall guessed population. Currently 929.37 million Indians are using mobile devices because its inexpensive and easy as they don’t need any education for that. Hence, it would be good if Google targets them first.

Recording Your Screen

Screenr is a web-based screen recorder used for creating instant screen casts. Using Screenr you can make videos of  your desktop, edit them, share them on different social networks and websites etc. Screenr is free, it don’t need any installation.

Start recording your desktop screen:

  • Go to http://www.screenr.com/
  • Click the RECORD button.
  • Adjust the portion to be recorded by re-sizing and moving the frame.
  • Click the Red button to record.
  • When you are done press ALT + D on your keyboard or Green color Done button on the page.
  • Describe screenshot and click Publish.
  • You can Embed the video, publich it on YouTube, download the file etc.

Check this Video Tutorial from Screenr:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7plCh_hzf8′]