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Nice Blogging Tool That Finds People Asking Questions About The Things You Know

InboxQ helps you to create better blog topics by finding people who are willing  to know something about the information and things you know.

How it works ?

  1. It Creates a campaign targetting questions you can answer.
  2. You answer the questions directly from your own Twitter account.
  3. Hence you earn more followers and customers.
  4. See it in action in the following video:

How to start ?

  1. Visit InboxQ.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Enter your keywords. You can enter keywords from 3 to 10, one in each line.
  4. Click Preview Questions
  5. Answer them. These all are in twitter. Create related blog posts  and share with these people.

When you click Answer Question; it prompts you to login with twitter. After logging in you can answer the question or reply your blog post URL related to that particular question.

Become Google’s Verified Author For Your WordPress Blog

After getting Google’s verified authorship you will be seeing your blog post search results with the screen shot of your Google Plus Profile Image. As show below:

Google Search Results, Before And After Activating Google’s Verified Authorship

For doing this in your blog results, follow these steps

Open your theme’s header.php file and add the following given code block in head section –

<link rel=”author” href=”https://plus.google.com/107466614529996508363/posts” />


  • Change the profile URL with your Google Plus Profile URL in the above given code block.
  • Head section is between <head> and </head> tag so add the given code in between these tags.

Now open your theme’s function.php file and the following action at last:

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘add_google_rel_author’);
function add_google_rel_author() {
echo ‘<link rel=”author” href=”https://plus.google.com/107466614529996508363/posts” />’;

  • Visit your Google+ Profile.
  • Click Edit and make your +1s pubic.
  • Scroll down to  contributors section.
  • Under the heading “Contributor to” add your blog’s address.

That’s all. Next Google’s re-crawl to your blog pages will start showing your face in Google search results. So wait for it. You can  reduce this time by writing a new blog post.