Shardul Pandey Talks To Te-Shandra Haskett

Shardul Pandey: I welcome you Te-Shandra at, tell our netizens about yourself.

Te-Shandra Haskett: I’m Te-Shandra Haskett from Atlanta, GA! I’m a full-time model, journalist, life coach and teacher, all which keep me very busy! My passion is inspiring teens and young adults that everyone can be beautiful, through my website I am a correspondent for Google News, and have published articles on beauty and health topics through Beyond Black and White, Just for Mom’s and other journals and publications. I think brains are as important as beauty, and I hold education at a high value. I have a B.S. in Business and an MBA, and I’ve taught undergraduate university courses in business and communications. Music is another one of my passions. I’m an active member of The Recording Academy, BMI Music Licensing and Grammy365, as well as regular in the Atlanta music scene. In my free time, as limited as it is, I enjoy spending time with my pets (especially my little Chihuahua), travelling, and spending time with family.

Te-Shandra Haskett 9Shardul Pandey: Describe yourself in three words.

Te-Shandra Haskett: Tenacious, Introverted, & Ambitious.

Shardul Pandey: How would you describe your personality?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Many people look at my photos and see me as a social butterfly. However, I enjoy having very few friends that I develop close relationships with. I always love to treat others with respect as much as possible.

Shardul Pandey: How would you describe your professional interests?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I am also a journalist, so I love to write and I hope to soon publish a few books.

Shardul Pandey: Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in this Career?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I became a model by accident. Someone spotted my photos from my online professional website and chose to do a photoshoot and from there it has gone non stop.

Shardul Pandey: What languages do you speak?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Spanish and English.

Shardul Pandey: What’s your background in modelling?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I do everything ranging from Glamour, Swimsuit, Lingerie, Fitness etc.

Shardul Pandey: Is there anything you like to change about yourself?

Te-Shandra Haskett 8Te-Shandra Haskett: I wish I had more patience. Sometimes I get very anxious to make it to the top in everything I try, but I realize that patience is something that is a necessity when it comes to being successful in anything that you do. I also wish I was less of a procrastinator and less of a perfectionist.

Shardul Pandey: Who are some of your favourite models and designers?

Te-Shandra Haskett: There are so many designers that are extremely talented, it is hard to narrow that down to a few. Right now I would have to say the clothing line Guess is my absolute favorite.

Shardul Pandey: How would you describe your style?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I am an extremely laid back person so I enjoy wearing T-Shirts and Jeans when I am not modeling.

Shardul Pandey: What are your strengths? And what are your weaknesses?

Te-Shandra Haskett: My strength would have to be that I am an extreme Go better, my weakness would be that I need to sometimes take it easy on myself and others around me if I do not make the goals that I have set before myself.

Shardul Pandey: Where do you generally shop?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I am a huge online shopper. I can sit online for hours and shop for clothing and make-up. It is hard to say what my favorite online stores are because they change quite often but for now I love Victoria’s Secret and Fashion Fair make-up products.

Shardul Pandey: What other modelling projects have you done?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I have done various print fashion and I am working to build my résumé in the commercial end.

Shardul Pandey: What kind of modelling are you interested in and why?

Te-Shandra Haskett: If I could stick with any type of modeling for a while, it would be fitness because it forces you to stay healthy and fit constantly.

Shardul Pandey: Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry?

Te-Shandra Haskett: As I have mentioned before, writing is definitely my true passion and I will be incorporating that in with modeling as well.

Te-Shandra Haskett 6Shardul Pandey: How would you describe working with the photographer?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Every photographer is different. I have worked with a variety of photographers and I always have a conversation with them about how they generally work so that we can meet half-way and create amazing photos.

Shardul Pandey: What makes a stylish woman or man? Is there a difference?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Wearing something eye-catching. Maybe an outfit that no one else would dare to wear.

Shardul Pandey: How would you describe the photographer’s style?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Every photographer is different, most of them all have the same goal though and that is to make amazing photos.

Shardul Pandey: Who are some of your favourite fashion photographers?

Shardul Pandey: Do you do your own hair and make-up?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I prefer to do my hair and make-up, however if anyone has been in the industry it is not always possible. Many times the photographer or make-up artist wants to show off a look that you may not be able to achieve doing your own make-up.

Shardul Pandey: What are some of the main differences between runway and photographic modelling?

Te-Shandra Haskett: The biggest difference would be that in a photograph you are selling what you have on in a still picture. There is not an opportunity for the person glancing a the photo to see you in any other light except for a photograph. In runway, yes you are selling the item but you have an opportunity to make facial expressions and movement that are not necessarily caught with a still camera.

Te-Shandra Haskett 5

Shardul Pandey: What’s your favourite outfit from your own closet?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I love plain jeans, boots and a T-Shirt, of course all by Guess!

Shardul Pandey: Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Fun, I love to have fun during my shoots.

I enjoy trying different poses, laughing, and making whoever I am working with feel at ease.

Shardul Pandey: Why would you think you’re fit for being a model?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Personality and my ability to sell whatever I need to . Being a model is more than being pretty, it is about selling and owning what you have to.

Shardul Pandey: Do you have any limitations?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I do not do nude modeling. I think some of it is very tasteful but that is something that I would not venture into.

Shardul Pandey: Describe the ideal work environment for you.

Te-Shandra Haskett: Fun, and enjoyable. Jokes and just having a great time.

Shardul Pandey: What are you likes and dislikes?

Te-Shandra Haskett: I do not like it when photographers criticize the work of others, or anyone for that matter.

If you are amazing at what you do, criticism is not necessary, just prove it with your talent.

Shardul Pandey: Do you own a domain?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Yes, I do:

Shardul Pandey: What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Te-Shandra Haskett: Go for what you want in this life. You only have one life to live.

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