India And China Are Unique Neighbours

India and China are unique neighbours. Once both the countries’ leaderships grasp this truth, together they might succeed in shaping the global future of humanity.

First of all they must not fail to trust and respect each-other’s integrity and sovereignty. This can only be done by treating Pakistan like Taiwan and Tibet like Kashmir. Their such an understanding can enhance their own prosperity along with the prospects of world peace.

Mostly The Bureaucracy Defeats The Political Mandates

The governments must make the use of public transport, government schools and government hospitals compulsory for the civil servants along with their family members as it is their crime if these do not function properly. Mainly their inefficiency is responsible for the defeat of every government through elections.

Mostly the bureaucracy defeats the political mandates. Therefore making the use of only public services mandatory for civil servants could become the simplest way of reforming the public life.

For implementing this, using the private cars, private hospitals and private schools are to be kept prohibited for their families, making such a case a sufficient cause for their suspension and termination from the civil services.

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