How To Display Image Gallery From A Category In MediaWiki?

You can display a gallery of all images from a category in your MediaWiki website. Category Gallery is a MediaWiki extension that implements tag to automatically generate a gallery of all images in specified category.

The extension is easy to setup and use on any MediaWiki website. Start by downloading extension from GitHub and then follow the steps:

Upload the downloaded file file in ‘Extensions’ directory of your MediaWiki website, extract all files and make sure they all are placed in a directory called CategoryGallery in your extensions/ folder.

Now add the following code in your LocalSettings.php which is present in your site’s root directory:

require_once “$IP/extensions/CategoryGallery/CategoryGallery.php”;

That’s it. The feature is ready to use on any MediaWiki page.

How To Display Gallery Of Images From A Category?

To show a gallery of all images in category general, use the code like this:

<categorygallery cat="general"/>

Also, you may abbreviate it as catgallery:

<catgallery cat="general"/>

The given tag itself takes several additional parameters, specified as attribute name-value pairs:

<catgallery {parameters}/>


  • caption="{caption}": (caption text between double quotes for more than a word) sets a caption centered atop the gallery.
  • widths={width}px: sets the widths of the images, default 120px. Note the plural, widths
  • heights={heights}px: sets the (max) heights of the images.
  • perrow={integer}: sets the number of images per row. 0 means automatically adjust based on width of screen
  • showfilename={anything}: Show the filenames of the images in the individual captions for each image (1.17+)
  • bdpcaption={property}: Show the metadata of the images in the individual captions for each image. This would requires Extension:BedellPenDragon to be installed and working on your MediaWiki website.

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