Easily Extend The Allowed Mime Types From WordPress Media Uploader

Using Mime Types Extended plugin you can extend the allowed Mime types from WordPress media upload dialog box. It supports dwg, asd, asn, tsp, dxf, spl, ptlk, hqx, mbd, mif, hlp, chm, bin, dll, oda, ai, eps, ps, rtc, smp, tbk, vmd, vmf, shtml, xhtml, xml, bcpio, z, cpio, csh, dcr, dir, dxr, dvi, evy, gtar, hdf, php, phtml, latex, bin, mif, nc, cdf, nsc, sh, shar, cab, spr, sprite, sit, sca, sv4cpio, sv4crc, tcl, tex, texinfo, texi, t, tr, roff, man, troff, ustar, au, snd, es, tsi, vox, aif, aiff, aifc, dus, cht, mid.

Simply install and activate it Mime Types Extended. After activation visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Mime Types and activate the mimetypes you want to use by ticking the box infront of them.

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