Configuring Keyboard Language:

After downloading Linux, you might need to configure your keyboard language in case you need to use different language (different keyboard layout) on the regular basis.

Configure this feature by following the steps given:

  1. From the keyboard preferences dialog box:
  • Move to system menu.
  • Select preferences menu.
  • Then select keyboard, make sure that the layout tab is selected.
  • Click the plus button( in some Linux systems add button is there in place of plus)


  1. Select the appropriate keyboard layout from the country dropdown list. After making your selection, click add button.


  1. In the list with the layout heading, click the appropriate ratio button for making a default layout selection. The default layout is activated during the boot process.


  1. Now click the close button.


Mouse: For the activation and deactivation of mouse the process is similar as keyboard, just go to SystemMenu- Select Preferences- Select Mouse

Printer: For adding a printer to your Linux system. Follow the given steps:

  • Go to System Menu
  • Select Administration Menu
  • Select Printing( ensure your printer is turned on)

You can test your printer directly from there by clicking the printer’s icon present there and click Print Test.


Key combination Details:

Alt+ F4:  Quit application.

F1: Context-sensitive help.

F10:  Open a program’s File menu; use left/right cursor keys to move between other menus.

Alt+ F1:  Open main menu; use left/right cursor keys to move between menus

Alt+ F2: Open “Run Application” dialog box, where by applications can be started by typing their filenames.

Alt+ Tab:  Switch between applications.

Shift+ Alt+ up cursor: Switch between applications using.

Ctrl+ Alt+ left/right cursor: Switch between virtual desktops.

Windows+ E: Switch between virtual desktops by viewing a live preview of each desktop.

Windows+ M: Invert colours on desktop (useful for the people suffering from colour blindness).

Windows+ N: Invert colours in top-most program window.

Ctrl+ Alt+ Backspace: Restart the graphical subsystem (X); should only be used in emergencies because the restart is instant and without confirmation, you would lose your data.

Alt+ F9: Minimize window.

Alt+ F10: Maximize window.

Alt+ F5: Restore window after maximizing.

Alt+ F7: Allows you to move window using cursor keys; press Enter when done.

Alt+ F8: Allows you resize window using cursor keys; press Enter when done.

PrintScreen: Take screenshot of whole desktop.

Alt+ PrintScreen: Take screenshot of currently active window.