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The Credit Cards Have Failed To Reach The Overall Growth Of Internet

Now when the world has experienced the priceless ease of doing business in bitcoins, online business has every reason to move further than credit cards. Not only these substantially increase the cost of doing business online but have failed to reach the overall growth of Internet although still monopolizing the most of transactions, which further jeopardize its growth potential.

Official Google Publisher Plugin With Better Adsense Display & One Click Website Verification For WordPress

Google Publisher Plugin (beta) is an officially released plugin developed by Google. The plugin enables you to use Google’s products including AdSense and Webmaster Tools with your WordPress based website.


General process of adding Adsense requires generating snippets in from and then pasting them into your website’s template files, digging inside PHP files if you are using WordPress or by using a plugin like Adinjection or Adinserter. But Google Publisher Plugin (beta) works very much differently from all other Adsense plugins out there and give you a new easy style of placing Adsense with a simple point-and-click user interface (UI).

The plugin also provides you an inbuilt one click website verification with Google Webmaster Tools.

How to start up with Google Publisher Plugin (beta)?

Google Publisher Plugin (beta) 1

Install and activate Google Publisher Plugin (beta) plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Google Publisher Plugin page, click ‘Get started‘ button, login and click ”Verify’ button:

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Then you can select to preview the home page or your single post pages. The plugin will automatically add markers on page letting you know where the AdSense can get fit better. You can then select the place and click to add advertisements, you can create different placements for each page template and start displaying AdSense there.

Proclaim Internet As The Only SEZ

Proclaiming contemporary times as the Internet Age, Internet Growth Engine has already changed the course of literacy via the wonder workshop “Make Your Website Today” that is everywhere live at Now Internet Growth Engine insists for proclaiming Internet in India as the only SEZ facilitating FREE TRADE worldwide with no other taxation except a 5% TRANSACTION TAX without any exception applied everytime for using India’s integrated gateway. This would most wonderfully work for bringing in the global fortune from worldwide without even harming the concurrent revenue volume since Internet transactions in contemporary India account very little portion of Indian economy so I do not see any practical problems in starting this much.

India is in a peculiar position for implementing this idea because very negligible amount of its revenue concurrently comes from Internet, which is going to get increased only gradually. Proclaiming Internet as the only SEZ is concurrently the foremost thing. It is going to be very good for India and equally good for the whole world too.


Register A Free Domain With Website Hosting provides its users a FREE DOMAIN NAME (One FREE .COM, .CO, .NET or .ORG).

In this tutorial we will show you how to get a completely free domain name of your choice with purchase of a web-hosting, website builder or quick shopping cart.

The only thing to keep in mind is to first add both hosting and domain to your cart with 12, 24 or 36 month plan. As soon you add hosting and domain to your cart, the domain will become free.

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How To Use Google PageSpped To Analyse Your Website’s Performance?

Google PageSpeed Insights is free online tool that analyses your website’s performance and gives you improvement suggestions so that you can make your website fast. By reducing page loading time you can reduce bounce rates as most of the visitors closes the site before it get completely visible on their browsers.

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