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Facebook Is Working On Want Button

Facebook is testing Want Button similar to Like Button which is used across all pages on Facebook. Developer Tom Waddington said that a Want Button is added to the Facebook Javascript SDK as an XFBML tag <fb:wants>. Facebook has yet not listed this extension publicly. The button is for the objects marked as products on Open Graph.

Developers may use this new feature of Facebook for creating their Want Buttons  but authorization of any third party application is necessary to make it work.

Facebook Want Button is a Flop or Not?

Facebook Want Button would be quiet different from Facebook Like Button. Like Button shows individual interest but Want Button would be good for business purpose.

On one hand Facebook Like Button shows the user interest in product. Anyone can show his interest on certain product likewise a person who don’t have money to buy Apple I-Pad doesn’t mean that he don’t like it.

And, On the other hand Facebook Want Button would be showing individual’s interest on getting the product or buying it. Hence it reduces ambiguity for advertisers and target audience become more clear.

How Facebook Want Button Works?

Following is the tag released by Tom Waddington for Facebook Want Button:

<fb:want href=”…”></fb:want>

Reaction of Facebook Regarding Want Button

They responded that they are always testing new Platform features, however they have nothing new to announce.

Facebook Has Removed The Home Page Ticker

I just noticed that Facebook removed the home page ticker but some of subscribers of mine are telling that it is still visible on their home page. I just figured out that many others are also experiencing the same as many stories are appearing on Twitter (check latest ones here and here) about the vanished Facebook Ticker. Some are telling it would be back soon like Randy Hamilton. Some are telling that Ticker is back again etc. etc. But it is still not visible on my Facebook home page.

What is a Facebook Ticker?

Facebook Ticker shows you the things  in real time.

Features of Facebook Ticker:

  • It keeps up with the latest news as it happens
  • You can listen to music with your friends
  • You can hover (or click) over a story to join the conversation

Ticker shows live happening stories like status updates, friendships, photos, videos, links, likes and comments. This activity is visible elsewhere on Facebook but Ticker let you see this as soon as it happens.

Changing Facebook Page’s Username/URL

I Just Changed Facebook Page’s Username. Now URL of Opensource Book page on Facebook  is not but now it is  You may also do so just follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your facebook account.
  2. On the left sidebar, just above the chat faces click the Page of which you want to change the URL.
  3. On the top you will see  three buttons: Edit Page | Build Audience | Help
  4. Click Edit Page 
  5. Form the drop-down menu select Update Info.
  6. On The Third line You will see Username 
  7. On the right side of Username click Change username link
  8. You will seeing your old Username side by you Page name.
  9. Change it, type the new one and click Check Availability.
  10. That’s all. Save the new Username and start using it.

I congratulate you Mark Zuckerberg for being number one now on planet earth !

Finally facebook has removed google from its global number one rank slot. It is true TODAY that facebook is number one. It will remain so further or not is of lesser importance. Anyone likes it or not is very personal but facebook is now top-most asset formation on planet earth built almost individually by a proficient programmer’s being devotionally focused for what Steve Jobs often praised Mark Zuckerberg. I congratulate you Mark Zuckerberg for being number one on planet earth. You are excellent.