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Searching A Specific File Format In Google

On Internet there are millions of files with different formats. Google recognizes them and hence you may search web for a specific file format. Likewise if you want to search certain book in PDF format then you should type the book’s name (in double quotes) followed by filetype and then book’s format in Google’s search box as show in the following given example:

Example: If you want to search book After The Software Wars in PDF format on world wide web:

Type as show below in Google’s search box

“After the Software Wars” filetype:PDF

I congratulate you Mark Zuckerberg for being number one now on planet earth !

Finally facebook has removed google from its global number one rank slot. It is true TODAY that facebook is number one. It will remain so further or not is of lesser importance. Anyone likes it or not is very personal but facebook is now top-most asset formation on planet earth built almost individually by a proficient programmer’s being devotionally focused for what Steve Jobs often praised Mark Zuckerberg. I congratulate you Mark Zuckerberg for being number one on planet earth. You are excellent.