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Registering New .STORE Domain Name For eCommerce Websites

Due to the lack of short, desired names in most top-level extensions, many domain registrants end up registering a domain with some filler word, hyphen or number which are not so effective solutions because a good domain name should be short, meaningful and easy to remember.

With new .STORE domain extension you can take advantage of the uncrowded space and you are more likely to get the original choice of the domain on a first-come-first-served basis. The .STORE domain directly serves the eCommerce market so it can be a good option for your new online store to create a distinctive space for your business.

Some advantages of .STORE domain:

  1. Is new, so less crowded
  2. Help clients to remember you as a store
  3. You can differentiate between your main website and webstore
  4. Describes your business before anyone even lands on your website
  5. Websites and Blogs that sell merchandise on side can highlight their store on their website with a .STORE domain

How to register .STORE domain name? Visit, type domain name desired by you and press the GO button. The system will present you a list of available domain names. You have to select the choice of your domain name and continue with the registration process.

How to set up your online store? Once your domain name is registered, follow this tutorial to startup your online store yourself.

Your Domain Is More Important Than Just Getting Your Business Listed In Local Business Directories

Most of the people use the internet to find products and services and that is why you see many mobile marketplaces advertising online offering local search of professionals and services near your place.

It is easy to get your business listed on such business directories but most of the businesses are simply lost in the competition and never come visible to the end-user. Here, the businesses paying to these companies to get listed on the top win.

So what is more important to you is to register your domain name to start your own business website which is relatively easy to start, inexpensive and more powerful medium to bring customers to your business because it shapes way for the netizens to land on your homepage from the search engine results page and all you need to get listed on search pages is by publishing useful posts about your products and services.

Moreover, you may list your business and website in Google Business so that netizens would easily find the directions to your local store or office via Google Maps. Unlike other business directories, Google Business is much better because it works from the Google Search which is the leading internet search engine. Hence, the chances of getting listed on top generate from what the person is looking for and how your service is useful to him and not just mere paying-off to get listed on top.

You Are A Netizen

You are reading this because you are a netizen. This is your utmost universal value. Comparing to this your citizenship is a very local issue.

Netizens are globally connected. Together being Sangkrit they are empowered as invincible everywhere.

Sangkrit is the collaborative collective that lets you become self-led in the course by posting all statements here at addressed to you and you ought to cooperate to become like that.

Thus you are homeschooled to become a freedom fighter for yourself so that you carry your freedom on the go through this smartphone stage of internet age.

Housewives Must Make A Revolution

Contributing most to the world economy as a class, housewives are not paid for their works.

Respecting them most Sangkrit invented house husbands to comply with them. Sangkrit’s program of cleaning, cooking, programming and blogging as constant way of life for everyone involved is exactly that.

Ideally this is made around housewives’ way of life with necessary value addition into this through the internet age. Housewives of the world must make a revolution by spreading this everywhere and they shall be making money in the fast lane of internet growth.

Housewives may very well start earning also simply by following Sangkrit. This suits to them most. They might most suitably start working as people’s personal outlet of internet growth engine by sending an email to

The work is simplest and best for. They would be helping people around them in registering, transferring and hosting their domains at in complete internet infrastructure with online support and global exposure.

Internet Monopolies Work Better

Dream the best as you may easily own that upon registering as domain at and the rest could become your reality once you go ahead developing your domain by regularly investing your time and money into it.

Upon internet if you do better than others, you are sure to monopolise your trade.

That is how the internet monopolies always work better and that is why Sangkrit is very protective about internet monopolies.