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Help People With Facts To Improve Their Fiction

Whenever data is worldly unavailable, it is supplied by humane imagination.

Stalin helped people invent a whole world by inventing almost everything. He invented his name, nationality, state, religion, god and public mindset as well for inventing the world’s greatest-ever empire as Soviet Union. So much imagination might have led anyone else into a mental asylum but Stalin, because of his unparalleled efforts in consistency with reality, emerged as the greatest-ever statesman.

Humankind are curious animals. Fact or fiction, they just want to know anything. Whenever data is worldly unavailable, it is supplied by humane imagination. They simply fill the blanks by inventing information. That is the way, humanity is used to work.

Therefore don’t ever hesitate in helping people with facts to improve their fiction. Signup for your free account to become a personal outlet of its globally distributed order for doing that wherever you are so that now humankind get worldwide upgraded into its internet age.

Business is the best behavior yet known and internet industry paves the best way of doing that. Ignorant people are mostly afraid of making decisions. They will come to know when you will let them know.

State And Politics Won’t Ever Deliver More Than Stalin

Technology has to finally bury all those forgotten promises that never came to be. Future finally emerges with a force to disrupt.

Anyone could get straightened through any untoward situation but give someone power and see his real self coming out in open. Stalin was time-tested both ways fully well while grown into the greatest-ever statesman, history has ever registered. Still his honesty and modesty is unseen in any of the politicians anywhere at any point of time.

Indeed he was obsessed with establishing political order at any humane cost but he didn’t amass any material wealth for himself or his family. He has been mere the maximum manifestation of state. State and politics won’t ever deliver more than Stalin.

Humankind would have to move beyond politics to get served better, the way once they historically moved beyond religion. Respectively after religion and politics that next thing is technology. Promising the paradise to the people of planet earth, there have been the icons of illusions in politics and religion. Technology has to finally bury all those forgotten promises that never came to be. Future finally emerges with a force to disrupt.

Resolving many problems altogether by replacing old ways of doing things forever is the key to startup your own business into internet age. Facilitating that everywhere hacktivists get ready to rule the world.

Respecting Richard Stallman’s free software effect up on the beginning of internet age and living without disrespecting that makes the hacktivist out of any professional programmer, startup entrepreneur or venture investor. Sangkrit is all about getting civilized like that.

Hacktivists help others in registering their domains for developing their business online and create own wealth as net worth. Hacktivists respect the private property of domain registration and consider its webspace otherwise inviolable. Hacktivists work as professional programmers, startup entrepreneurs and venture investors. Hacktivists help any startup disrupting adequately by investing into it. Hacktivists change the world by helping humankind build own net worth.

Sangkrit depends on its people in accordance with their success in encouraging peoples of all countries for registering their domains as the newest kind of private properties. That is the parameter of measuring trustworthiness. Free will, mutual respect and cooperation to create humane usefulness make this a globally distributed order well integrated within internet industry.

Thus humankind make their quantum revolutions to finally change the world as whole. The most civilized humankind is the hacktivist and Sangkrit literally means as the whole of civilized humanity.

Hacktivism Has Won The World

No! Donald Trump is not the global person of the year. Donald Trump is just another president of globally failing United States of America that he did promise to rebuild as great again for winning his election that he won only because the winning candidate Hillary Clinton got defeated by the hacktivists led by Julian Assange.

Unlike Narendra Modi, Donald Trump is the manifestation of a demoralized nationhood but the Time magazine has disallowed globally glorious Narendra Modi as its person of the year by saying that most of the votes he got were from India itself but the Time magazine as US business has failed even in accepting the changed global truth that India is now no less a world that USA is not now so forget about their capacity for proclaiming it.

Selecting a global person of the year is no more a job befitting to them since they cannot ever dare to defy their local limitation although their runner-up person of the year reflected as ‘hackers’ is the echo of concurrent global truth. The new normal of globalization is hacktivism that has won the world even through the very US presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump or through the diplomatic battles between Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and Tayyip Erdogan.

Fidel Earned His Respect Pretty Well

Fidel Castro Ruz successfully ruled his people longer than any other ruler contemporary to him. Bedeviling eleven US presidents he survived all the assassination attempts, ordered by many of them. The only possible trick to get rid of Fidel Castro at CIA proved to let him get extremely old to pass away so naturally.

Not only he did change the world himself but has seen the world changing beyond his own imagination. He himself made the times of Earnetso Che Guvevara and lived beyond that to see Julian Paul Assange finally bringing the U.S. “to its knees” and called him a hero for his “challenge” to “the most powerful empire ever,” adding, “Ideas can be more powerful than nuclear weapons.” This was said by the man who once (in his urgent message on Oct. 27, 1962 that he had then sent to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev through the Soviet ambassador in Havana) urged Khrushchev to use nuclear missiles for eradicating the United States of America, if they attacked the Republic of Cuba.

Making Cuba sovereign and socialist was most difficult then but Comandante en Jefe of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz did just that. Moreover Compañero Fidel made his people literate, women independent and Latin American countries move beyond US interference. He earned his respect pretty well.

The Man, Who Finally Defeated The United States Of America

Every time US interfered everywhere but someone has shown the guts to interfere into the United States of America. Hillary Clinton wanted to drone him but he has made her politically drowned in the most hilarious way. Prior to that his patronage network saving US defector spy Edward Snowden has been a live show of real guts that proved more thrilling than all fake Hollywood hits showing poorer fiction.

Only idiots assume that he could be working for this or that government. Neither afraid of anyone nor about anything he is busy brutally shattering the facade of governments. Showing sovereign courage as the greatest netizen, he is the man named Julian Assange. After Richard Stallman’s free software effect, his impact upon internet age is proved the greatest. One of the most respected very few men in human history, he deserves being respected like that.

America is never going to become great again without respecting the man who finally defeated the United States of America. Just because it was he, who actually made Trump won, without even bothering for that. Now displaying a general disregard for the constitutional institution of democracy, every lesser mind trapped on the side of outgoing establishment questions the result that brought Trump to White House and like morons can only mourn their majority mandate.