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I congratulate you Mark Zuckerberg for being number one now on planet earth !

Finally facebook has removed google from its global number one rank slot. It is true TODAY that facebook is number one. It will remain so further or not is of lesser importance. Anyone likes it or not is very personal but facebook is now top-most asset formation on planet earth built almost individually by a proficient programmer’s being devotionally focused for what Steve Jobs often praised Mark Zuckerberg. I congratulate you Mark Zuckerberg for being number one on planet earth. You are excellent.

Cloud business is the next biggest vocation that we teach

Cloud business is the next biggest vocation that we teach. Your precious money serves you better in setting up your cloud business from domestic environ to earn lifelong from worldwide.

IIMs waste public resources and domestic economy

With another day of students continuously getting hospitalized for food poisoning, Indian Institute of Management is proved negligent in managing food for its pupils then what worth of managing tutelage it can deliver is reasonably clear to sensible people.

Come to India and invest in its e-mergence

Sangkrit is predominantly a cloud business program. It is offered online but includes on-the-spot education as well with an opportunity of travelling through India and investing in its e-mergence.

Developing useful websites, which may attract users is itself a mass movement now

Many movements not only originated out of internet but eventually made it mother of all modern movements. Not only Arab Spring, Occupy Movement and Anonymous were movements out of Internet but Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and WikiLeaks were also movements out of it. Developing useful websites, which may acquire users is itself a mass movement now. It is called Internet and it is invincible by useless old states.

Internet is the movement and humanity is moved

Human-being wants to remain anonymous just to avert the tyranny of states while at the same time wishing to re-occupy the planet Earth just to prevent precious resources of humanity from getting wasted in the hands of states. It is humanity that has moved subsequently once Internet has become its movement. Now nothing can ever stop it from going on forever.

Freedom of Internet is very much like freedom of thought

Integrating humanity unprecedentedly internet has emerged as mega-mind of humankind so restricting it legislatively is almost like controlling your thoughts by some sort of thought police.

Internet can only be innovated beyond all possible legislation

Internet is a different kind of place altogether. You cannot legislate it but can innovate it endlessly further beyond all possible legislation. I hope you may understand its course by this very nature of it.

Internet is not a place for copyrights

Internet is neither a place for copyright acts and nor for any legislatively made-up acts as it is a place to copy and distribute all possible utilities freely as per its protocol.

FREEDOM becomes unbeatable upon becoming popular utility on World Wide Web

Websites and their users make winsome combinations on Internet not only in making money but in making independence as well. FREEDOM becomes unbeatable upon becoming popular utility on World Wide Web. So make it so more often than not.