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Your Domain Is Your Identity On Internet

Your domain name as your full name dot something serves as your well-defined identity on the world wide web. Domain name is the newest kind of private property which can be registered and transferred, its value increases with the time you invest in it. A specialized domain name is essential if you want to promote yourself, your professional skills or your business.

A domain can adapt for a particular purpose or person to heighten its presence on the internet. If you already own or planning to start a business then a domain name will make you easily discoverable and accessible from search engines.

You may go for any suitable domain extension, though some domains extensions will have restrictions (such as .gov, .edu. etc), these extensions can only be purchased if registrant meets certain criteria. But most extensions are available to everyone including most country code top-level domains known as ccTLDs. So discover your most suitable domain name and register it today.

Make Money By Investing Time On Your Own Domain

Start with cleaning your home and cooking your meal followed by blogging your ideas, you may work as people’s personal outlet and encourage others for doing the same thing as it saves everyone from slaving others and give freedom to earn from own place.

If you are willing to blog your ideas that others find useful and interesting then subscribe WordPress to startup your blog at Once your website is online on your domain, start sharing great impact posts based on your interest. The subject could be anything you have knowledge in, your interest and expertise but it is better to stick to one subject to make your domain popular and known for that specific purpose on Internet.

Once you have the ideas generating content for your domain, use Google’s AdSense to monetize it and make income from your website. Google Adsense is an advertising program that allows anyone to put ads on his website and then profit is made every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads.

Your Empty Pocket Entrepreneurship Starts With Your Free Account

It starts with your free account, once your account is registered simply set your homepage to and start promoting your business, (see how). During the initial stage of your business, you may target the manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers to explain to them the importance of online selling from their own e-commerce website and app. You may also target individuals, professionals, and housewives to explain to them the importance of blogging and how it can help them to make money from home by investing their time on their domain.

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Use Google Business To Find New Prospective Clients

After becoming people’s personal outlet, you will need to reach out to more and more people promoting your business to get new prospective clients. Here you may use Google Business to gather contact information of businesses in your locality so that you can generate leads from them.

Suppose you live in Zurich, Switzerland, open Google search page and type ‘Businesses in Zurich, Switzerland’ scroll down and you will notice Google Business section is listing the contact numbers and addresses of businesses active there. Send them an SMS or set an appointment and visit there, do whatever you find necessary to get a deal done.