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BuddyPress Compliments – Allow BuddyPresss Website Members To Compliment Each Other

You can now allow your BuddyPress community website members to compliment each other. New BuddyPress Compliments plugin provides a smart way for BuddyPress members to interact with each other using compliments. 

BuddyPress Compliments is inspired by Yelp compliments system. It allows you to create unlimited number of compliment types (eg: Thank you – Good Writer – Cute Pic – Like your Profile – etc.)

Start by installing it in BuddyPress

BuddyPress Compliments 1

Upon activation, the plugin adds a compliment button and shows compliments tab in each member’s profile.

How ‘BuddyPress Compliments’ works?

BuddyPress Compliments 2

When compliment’s button is clicked, a popup is shown up with compliment types.

BuddyPress Compliments 3

All submitted compliments appears in member’s compliments section.Allow BuddyPresss Website Members To Compliment Each Othe

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