If you want to install a new software package by your own, then you can use

dpkg command. –i is a command option used for the installation process and

-r is used for the removal.

As follows:

sudo dpkg ‐i <packagename>

sudo dpkg ‐r <packagename>

You may also use the following command for installing new software:

sudo apt-get install <packagename>

For Example:

If I want to install kubuntu desktop in Ubuntu Linux then

I will be writing the following command:

sudo apt get install kubuntu­desktop

Hence by using these commands you can install or uninstall your software packages from the terminal command line.

Installing the software by command line prevents the harmful effects of software and maintains your system security.

The following command offers you to reinstall the required software.

sudo apt‐get ‐‐reinstall install packagename

The following command will uninstall the software:

sudo apt‐get autoremove packagename

It will ask for your confirmation in the form of Y (yes) or N (no) to remove the

software. Choose the appropriate option and the software will be removed.